त प

Here’s a poem I composed in samskrutha (sanskrit language) using only 2 letters, त (tha) and प (pa). This is possible only in samskrutha. This is a task of nishedhakshara in the art of ashtavadhana:
Poem is written in Ushnih chandah (उष्णिह् छन्दः).

त प अक्षरयोः मम काव्यः |

(श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः)

तपः ताप तप्त पत् ततः पात पूत तात् |
पतत् तात् तपो पितु तु पात् पीत पूति ताः ||
तात् पाप पूत तत् तत्तु पात तप् पीतु |
ततः पाति ता पति ततः पत्ति तप्त तं ||

– नरेन्द्र कुमार् जे


Meaning of words in English:

तपः (Meditation/asceticism) ताप (heat/energy) तप्त (melted) पत् (fallen) ततः (due to that) पात (happening) पूत (purified) तात् (thus)
पतत् (Falling) तात् (in this way on) तपो (praying/yearning) पितु (juice/nourishment) तु (do) पात् (falling/withering) पीत (yellow) पूति (type of grass) ताः (they)
तात् (In this way) पाप (sins) पूत (cleaned) तत् (by it) तत्तु (that is) पात (appearance) तप् (shines upon like) पीतु (sun or fire)
ततः (Therefore) पाति (lord) ता (Lakshmi’s) पति (husband) ततः (from there) पत्ति (moving/going towards) तप्त (the one who has done tapas) तं (him)

Meaning of poem in Englsih

The melted heat/energy of meditation/asceticism falls on, due to that purification happens thus
Falling in this way on the withering yellow grass that are praying/yearning for juice/nourishment
In this way the sins are cleaned by it, that which appears to shine upon like sun/fire
Therefore this moves/makes him, the one who has done tapas, go towards the lord, Lakshmi’s husband.


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