Naïve Lure

Naïve Lure

Umpteen things
You want to do
But the universe
Conspires, that too
If only one knew
The road the map
Least they know
where they headed are
While the same universe
Conspires the seed
Of naive lure
That it later denies
Is there any meaning
To it while you figure
To fit the pieces
That lay unintentional
Or may be
Dig deeper you question
Where these thoughts
Are coming from
Are these the
same conspiracies
Of the universe
That you failed to comprehend
The mind is tired
Of making sense
Of the lured
And the denied
Some voice subdued
Says you will
But the things layed out
Are unaware
While you try to push
And change things
After a point
It seems pointless
Is there a point
To begin with
Where does it go
Should you look for it
Or you shouldn’t
After a while
You just watch
Do nothing to change
Are you carried off
By the same force
That seem to favour some
While enjoying the joke
But grasp none
For now just watch
And wait
See to where
the force intends
Strike at the right moment
May be
Or is this too
A naive lure

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