On Causality

On Causality

what is a wave for a piece of straw
that it waits eagerly when it wants to move
sometimes the wave intends and othertimes it doesn’t
for in the natural order of things it matters not
if the wave intends or straw intends
or if wave doesn’t or straw doesn’t
the rule of cause and effect ceases to exist
once it exits the imagination of the fragile human mind

still the mind is stuck with the illusion of cause and effect
that it searches for cause where its not
and where effect isn’t
it then fails to cognize the natural order of things,
is the mind intended to be in this fallacy?

yet these pattern(s) of thinking submerges
into the routinely intellect
but sometimes emerges above like the same straw from the forceful waters
while the wave carried away into the randomness of things

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